A graphic designer specializing in branding and passionate to tell cultural stories

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Christine Bobae

A graphic designer specializing in branding who’s interested in telling cultural stories

Do AI Dream of Digital Posters?
(Work In Progress)

Generative AI

With the rise in AI generated art, designers are asking what their relevancy is and will be in the future as creatives. Is AI is an exciting tool that opens up new possibilities for design, or is it a threatening technology that is poised to steal jobs and diminish the role of a designer? 

This poster series tackles the issue straight on by doing what is necessary to form an opinion: try out the technology.

After experimenting with Midjourney, one of the latest, well-used programs in generative AI and the main program used for this project, I learned we need a very important skill to utilize the best of what AI has to offer. 

And that is? Knowledge of design history.

Unexpected yes. Simple put, in order for AI to generate let say an image of a tree, we need to insert the keyword, “tree.” 

If we want to generate a poster based on the those nice, swirly illustrations of women with fancy text you see on the internet, we need to know that style is called art nouveau and insert the keyword, “art nouveau.”

Same goes for names of well-known designers, like “Milton Glaser,” or design industry terms, like “grid systems.” 

The more specific we are, the more accurate results we’ll get to what’s inside our head.

I based my keywords to create these posters on two themes.

The first theme is the history of graphic design through the decades. I take each decade, starting with 1890s, and use keywords that reflect the graphic design of that time. The main references are The History of Graphic Design. Vol. 1. 1890–1959 and The History of Graphic Design. Vol. 2. 1960–Today by Jens Müller.

The second theme is the book of Psalms, The Passion Translation version, which offers rich and emotional but unusual imagery that makes a good use of the kinds of complex images AI can generate. Not only that, going with the first theme of history, the Bible is a literature that’s relevant to history throughout all ages.

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︎ ︎    ©2022 Christine Bobae Lee