A graphic designer specializing in branding and passionate to tell cultural stories

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Christine Bobae

A graphic designer specializing in branding who’s interested in telling cultural stories

About Me

I don't care for living a mundane life. I care about impacting culture, preferably through design and illustration. 

I don't care for living a mundane life. I care about impacting culture, preferably through design and illustration.

In turn, culture impacts my designs. People identify with their culture and the way to their hearts is to learn their language and story. I research these elements, take them in, process them, and apply them to my work. Ultimately I want my audience to say, “This designer understands my world.”


Christine Bobae Lee is a graphic designer with 7+ years of experience in Los Angeles and New York City. In the two cities, Christine found her focus in branding. She received an MFA in Graphic Design from ArtCenter College of Design and a BFA in Product Design from Parsons School of Design.

The key components of her work are narratives rooted in culture, illustrative graphics, bold colors, craftsmanship of typography and grids, and careful attention to quality and detail.

Her Master's thesis, K-Design: Fundamentals of Modern South Korean Design, dives deep into the multiplex history behind Korean design and how American designers can apply the knowledge. The thesis is now archived at the ArtCenter Archives and Special Collections.

In her free time, Christine enjoys teaching design classes, experimenting with AI, and collecting old children's books in pristine conditions.


Design Awards

International Design Awards (IDA) 2022
Gold in Student: Multimedia-Brand Identity

Creative Communication Award (C2A) 2022
Best of Best in Student Entries: Art & Culture Books

Red Dot: Junior Award 2022
Distinction in Brands & Communication Design
Save Point

International Design Awards (IDA) 2022
Honorable Mention in Student: Print-Print Editorial


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︎ christine.bobae@gmail.com
︎ 929-280-6080

Based in Los Angeles, CA.

︎ ︎    ©2022 Christine Bobae Lee 
︎ ︎    ©2022 Christine Bobae Lee